Chinese cultural tide sweeps young consumers

With interest in traditional Chinese culture increasing, the guochao movement, or the rising China cultural tide, is catching attention of young consumers appreciative of Chinese cultural elements.
According to a survey conducted by the Social Survey Center of the China Youth Daily, 96 percent of 2,012 respondents said they were willing to pay for guochao products.
About 75.3 percent of surveyed youngsters have purchased guochao apparels, 48.6 percent of them have bought guochao cosmetics, said China Youth Daily on Thursday quoting the survey.
Around 47 percent, 43.5 percent, and 42.4 percent of surveyed youngsters have purchased food items, daily necessities, as well as toys featuring guochao tide, respectively.
17.3 percent of the survey participants are born after the 1980s, 16.5 percent after the 1985s, 32.4 percent after the 1990s, 11.7 percent after the 1995s, and 22.1 percent are born after the 2000s, the report said.
"The guochao-style products are cost-sensitive, and are more suitable for Chinese looks and temperament," said Chen Jiayi, a junior university student in Tianjin. "Some traditional Chinese brands are coming back to the spotlight again with acceptable price," Chen added.
Huang Heshui, a professor at the School of Journalism and Communication, Xiamen University, said besides the traditional Chinese elements, the guochao products should incorporate more modern Chinese elements, such as innovation and high-technology.
Moreover, 91.6 percent of surveyed youngsters are looking forward to more TV programs featuring traditional Chinese culture.
"The traditional culture can only be inherited if modern Chinese truly know, acknowledge, and put the spiritual content of traditional culture in practice," said Su Junbin, associate professor at the School of Journalism and Communication, Xiamen University, to China Youth Daily.

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