Sustainable transport center plans win approval

Representatives from China and abroad have expressed great interest in the nation's establishment of a global innovation and knowledge center for sustainable transportation, saying that it will be an important platform serving China's international communication in the sector.
On Thursday, as he delivered a speech via video link at the opening ceremony of the Second United Nations Global Sustainable Transport Conference, President Xi Jinping announced that China will set up a Global Innovation and Knowledge Center for Sustainable Transport, as a contribution to global transportation development.
"President Xi's announcement on setting up the center demonstrates that China pays a great deal of attention to sustainable transportation. The center will serve as an important platform for international communication and cooperation," said Shi Baolin, head of the China Academy of Transportation Science, adding that it will be a milestone in China's promotion of sustainable development in the transportation sector.
"When President Xi announced the establishment of the center, representatives at the conference warmly applauded. I've been working in transport technology department for 26 years, I was particularly excited and inspired by his speech," said Cen Yanqing, deputy director of the technology department of the Ministry of Transport.
China has learned from the experiences of other countries in building its transportation network, and it has developed technologies based on independent innovation. The establishment of the center shows China's willingness to share its experiences and technologies with other countries in order to promote the sustainable development of global transportation, he added.
It also shows that China will adhere to a spirit of openness and sharing in order to promote global sustainable development, he said.
Thomas Ostrup Moller, Denmark's ambassador to China, said President Xi made some very good points during the speech at the opening ceremony of the conference.
"He made a convincing case for a

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