World inspired by China's great efforts

Experts praise Beijing's contributions in linking economy with environment
President Xi Jinping's remarks at the COP 15 meeting have demonstrated China's commitment in embracing a green economic system and boosted confidence in global biodiversity conservation, international experts said.
Xi delivered the speech via video conference on Tuesday at the leaders' summit of the 15th meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity held in Kunming, calling for all-hands-on-deck efforts to build a community of all life on Earth.
Erik Solheim, former under-secretary-general of the United Nations and former executive director of the UN Environment Programme, told China Daily that "Kunming should be a watershed moment for the relationship between humans and nature".
"We need a new humility seeing humans as part of nature, not masters of the universe. China has a huge opportunity to lead after spectacular domestic progress protecting nature and creating a beautiful China," he said.
He praised China's hard work to advance biodiversity conservation at home, saying that it is an inspiration to the world.
"China's success in tree planting, greening of deserts, improving the ecosystem of the Yangtze and protecting iconic species like the giant panda in Sichuan can inspire the world," Solheim said.
"President Xi's promise that China will green an area the size of Belgium every year from now to 2025 is amazing good news."
Zhou Weisheng, a professor at the College of Policy Science at Ritsumeikan University, said China's pursuit of building a community of all life on Earth could be traced back to its ancient beliefs.
"China has had the idea of harmony between people and nature since ancient times," said Zhou, adding that the idea advocates the harmonious coexistence of man and nature while emphasizing the spirit of biodiversity.
Reiterating commitment
Christopher Bovis, professor of international business law at the University of Hull in the United Kingdom, said the COP 15 meeting "reiterated the c

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