Act of kindness snowballs into amazing gift for veteran whose scooter broke down

Kenny Jary was a familiar sight in Mahtomedi, Minnesota. The 79-year-old Navy veteran was committed to doing good in the community and could often be found tootling around on his mobility scooter, which he'd adorned with the Stars and Stripes. 

His neighbor, Amanda Kline, was so taken with his efforts and winning personality that she offered to set him up with his own TikTok channel, and "Patriotic Kenny" was born.

Sadly, soon afterward, Kenny's star-spangled scooter broke down, and he was devastated to learn it was unrepairable. He simply couldn't afford another one. So, Amanda suggested reaching out to the TikTok community for help.

The response was overwhelming! Kenny's story touched people's hearts and made him a TikTok sensation!

When a GoFundMe campaign was launched, the money came pouring in. 

Watch the video above to see the moment Patriotic Kenny is left staggered by the generosity of his followers.

Eventually, the fund reached six figures, enough to buy the veteran a new scooter and help with some of his financial and medical needs.

But true to form, Patriotic Kenny wants to share the wealth, and plans to use some of the money to help other veterans in need.


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